Jessica, Rainbow, Ahaumna

Dear Beautiful Soul,

I am deeply grateful that you’re taking time out of your life to connect here with me now. I value you beyond words because I value myself beyond words, and I know you and I are one. I am here, surrendered and devoted to the evolution of human consciousness and the vibrational shift into love on Earth.

I dedicate this life to serving Loves Mission and I know what it is like to face my monsters head-on, to look the fear of dying in the eyes with my life on the line. Why do I share this with you? Because I know you know this fear too.

This fear that runs rampant throughout our planet that leaves people feeling disconnected, lost, stuck. The immense pain that rises when fear has stripped us of our very connection to our soul. Leaving us desperately seeking to find something, anything because we can’t seem to remember what was lost 
to begin with.

I am committed to facing and integrating every fear that the collective has ever felt throughout all time and space, and forgiving. Not forgiving for myself, for there is no self to forgive from; forgiving on behalf of humanity.

From this space, I serve faithfully as a sacred container for remembrance.

Remembering that within the core of every cell of our being is love and nothing more. May this life that I am gifted with be an invitation to discover what radically loving all parts of yourself, all parts of this life, all parts of the human condition looks like.

I was not born into this path of love, I came to it after a long journey battling with depression that lead to heavily abusing drugs, alcohol and intimacy stemming from deeply unhealed wounds from traumatic experiences throughout childhood and my early adult years that filled me with fear, pain, and a sadness that I never thought I would see the end of.  

I know that you can change because I have changed.
I know that you can forgive because I have forgiven.
I know that you can heal because I have healed.
I know that you can achieve anything you set your heart on because I have witnessed miracle after miracle show up so that I could be here right now writing these words to you. 

You can be anyone and anything that you can imagine, without fear, anything is possible. I am here to stand beside you and behind you as your ally, your support, a guide to offer you the wisdom I've gained from being on this path; that said I cannot help you unless you are willing to help yourself. I cannot save you, only you can save yourself. 

May we rise together to gift our lives to this Earth.
In Love, Light & Service,
Jessica Jones

"Dare to Love yourself 
as if you were a Rainbow
with Gold at both ends."
- Aberjhani
 "Journey through the Power of the Rainbow"



Forever a student of the Universe.

  • B.S. Psychology of Crime and Justice;
         Loyola University Chicago 
  • NLP Practitioner
  • Hypnosis Training
  • Certified Holistic Health Coach; Institute of Integrative Nutrition
  • Reiki Master
  • 200 hour RYA yoga teacher 
  • Multiple Modalities of Meditation Training
  • Philosophy at University of Metaphysics 
  • Human Design Analysis
  • Sidereal, Tropical, Geocentric Astrology
  • Activation Sequence Gene Keys Training
  • KAP: Kundalini Awakening Program

 Human Experience
  • Clairaudient, Clairsentient and Claircognizant. 
  • Intuitive Empath
  • Nature Spirit Medium 
  • Energetic Alchemist
  • ​Abundance Consciousness

"Change is inevitable
Requires Intention &

Divine being"
-Jessica Jones
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