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    "You really cannot put a price on personal transformation...and when it comes down to it, Jess was a catalyst for mine. I truly cannot express how inspiring and insightful her work is. There are very few people in her line of work that can articulate and communicate at a level that is fitting for the listener; while allowing them to come into their own understandings along the way. Truly a blessing to have had her and continue to have her in my life."
    Seth Bunting
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    "I am blessed to have Jess as my private instructor and coach. Being under her guidance has helped me to "breathe" in my day to day life, as well as helped me to become conscious of the fact that, even though life will bring me through many ups and downs, I can still stop, breathe, and look within to realize the divine truth: "I Am Who I Am." This idea she has infused deep into my mind has greatly allowed me to eliminate thoughts that no longer serve me."
    David Lira
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    " Since my coaching sessions, I feel like I've become a happier, less stressed, more successful person. I learned to let go of the little things that haven't served me, to be more proactive, think outside the box, and to manifest what I want in life. Jess has wisdom, insight and emotional intelligence beyond her years, her positive energy is infectious. I can't recommend her enough as a mentor and a coach. She will truly change your life."
    Jessica Bishop
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    "Jess can not only heal your body but has the ability to heal your heart and mind. She is incredibly inspirational and connects with you on a deeper level. She's rare and excellent in what she does!"
    Leah Hendel
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    "Thank you for working with me Jessica and it has been a very blessing experience! I have established stronger connections to the Fairy Kingdoms and with the Nature Spirits. You have assisted me in learning how to navigate the Ascension process that can be challenging at times for many of us. This has been an amazing healing process for me and has allowed me to open my 3rd eye more and to see the beautiful beings that I'm working with. Many blessings to you dear soul and thank you for assisting me on my path and helping me reunite with my Elemental Family and to Spirit. Namaste"
    James HC
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    "Jessica's sessions were life-changing they brought so much clarity. Just be aware that in order to get true clarity you might uncover some true darkness. Just trust her guidance and believe in the process."
    Nick Bodel
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    Jess is a clear vessel who reflects back to me all parts of me that I may not be seeing clearly. The clarity and laser-sharp accuracy of her guidance are exactly what I needed to be able to be able to transform my life in a profound way. Having Jess as my soul ally allowed me to feel supported and encouraged to break the bonds of fear and step into my joy and bliss and power. I knew my soul was calling me into my highest destiny, and yet I had too much fear and things to clear that were holding me back. Hiring Jess was the best thing I could have done and now 3 months later my life has done a 180 and I'm aligned with my highest destiny living my dream. I am so grateful for Jess in so many ways. Jess is one of the most grounded, expanded and integral human beings I've ever met. With Jess, I feel I have a soul ally and a friend. I feel respected and supported. Thank you, SOul, much, Jess for everything you are and do on this planet!!!
    Katie Hamilton
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    Working with Jessica allowed me to fully experience myself as mySELF. Jessica's support is pure and vast wisdom. She works at the level of Truth, so you see your own Higher Truth reflected back at you. It's like talking to your Higher Self. I gained the last bit of confidence and affirmation I needed to dive into my mission and purpose.
    Cindi Grace
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    Thank you so much, again! You are so appreciated for everything you're doing in this world! You really helped to clarify somethings about my true self AND have given me some fantastic new tools to use going forward! I truly have a deeper understanding of myself after just 2 hours of connecting with Jess! So absolutely blown away by the amount of information and detail that was put into this session. I love you and can't wait to watch our session over and over again!! ALL of the blessing!!
    Michelle Le Goose
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    Thank you again for the incredible reading, so much has downloaded and I am feeling empowered as I move forward. I am reviewing the report now and am still in awe of how much you give in this process.
    Katie Rojano
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    "I first came across Jessica while searching for assistance with alternative sinus and dietary options that are different from what western medicine offers. From the very start Jessica was very easy to talk with. As our conversation evolved I realized how much Jessica had to offer outside of what I initially was searching for. She is a spiritual, patient, loving and forgiving being who also keeps me focused and accountable. I am very grateful I crossed paths with Jessica, she has helped me in many ways, spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally I appreciate Jessica so much and she offers value to people of all ages that I have introduced both my children ages 12 and 9 Thank you, Jessica, for shining your light on me and my children."
    Eric Radovonovic
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    Thank you so much Jessica! I believe it was meant to be that we have connected. I also believe you are correct about my book. I am to start it now. I had a vision this morning that it is only as I begin to pick up my pen will this cough subside. I must start to write my message. So I start today, now, with a collection of short stories. It will begin where my journey disconnected from the matrix and I started to live life on my own terms 4 years ago when I simply got up out of my desk and said: “I am going home.” I began that day to start living my true purpose and heading towards my true north.” The day I started my own company and headed towards my destiny. You see Jessica, I really wouldn’t have put it all together without you. I thank you deeply and even now know that this was God’s work / the work of the universe to help me see this and receive this message. Thank you again beloved Jessica, and I look very much forward to our next chance to encounter!
    Cynthia Tarvis
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