Living from your center
Energy Balancing Workshop

Living from your centre is a two-hour online workshop designed to support you in finding and cultivating your Source.
To balance your energy, and anchor into your roots. 

What does it mean to be ungrounded? 
Being ungrounded is a state of being where our fears are able to sabotage us from living in alignment with our highest and best version of self.
When we are ungrounded we are disconnected from our roots, from what makes us human. We experience swings in our energy, feeling sometimes vibrant and alive, then suddenly we are drained and low.  Being ungrounded we are in a state of perpetual survival. We cycle through the victim-perpetrator- rescuer mode of living.  We can be unable to create stability for our lives financially, relationally, and our basic human requirements to live as sovereign beings

When we live our lives in our centre we are living at the source...  
It is from this space that we draw vital life energy to thrive. Living from the mind and heart are beautiful that said, they both draw energy from this source - your very own energy reservoir or Dan Tien.  When we go to the source and fully ground our energy we are able to accomplish anything.
As fully rooted and grounded beings we are no longer a victim to other's projections, beliefs and expectations.  We are able to process and move beyond our fears with grace and ease. We create in the material effortlessly, as we have learned that it is through our centre that everything in this life manifests.

Zen says, "When we speak of being 'grounded' or 'centred' it is this Source we are talking about. When we begin a creative project, it is this Source that we tune in to. Remember there is a vast reservoir of energy available to us. And that we tap into it not by thinking and planning but by getting grounded, centred, and silent enough to be in contact with the Source. It is within each of us, like a personal, individual sun giving us life and nourishment." 

In this workshop, you will...
-Learn a practice for balancing, cultivating and circulating your energy.
-Understand the principles and purpose of being fully grounded and how this will benefit your whole life. 
-Dive into what fears are standing in the way of your destiny. 
-Learn a powerful tool for processing fear.
-Set your intention to be a sovereign being. 
-Learn practices for helping you to ground physically, mentally and emotionally. 
-Expand your consciousness through processing fear based karma. 
-Connect with other beings who are striving to be impeccable. 
-Receive divine guidance for your process and journey. 
-Learn how to connect to your Source. 

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