Free 7-Day Challenge 
Connect to your true NATURE 

Studies now are showing people living in developed nations spend at least 8 hours a day consuming media. 
If you are reading this, whether you like it or not, it means you are on the internet, and therefore you live in a developed country. 
As we devour more media, spend more time in front of our computers and TV screens, we grow further away from our true divine nature, as nature.

Our bodies are made of the Earth.  NOW more than ever it is important to inspire as many people as we can to care about Mother Earth! The more time we spend away from the very thing that our bodies are made of, the higher the chances we have of cultivating disease within the body-mind-spirit multiverse.

This is an invitation to connect deeply with who you are as a human being, made of this Earth. This doesn't simply apply to those who spend their days working in an office. Many beings who identify as a spiritual person often forget that they are human.
Spending more and more time trying to connect and open their higher energy centres, without a deep devotion to grounding into the Earth. 

Our tree can only grow as tall as our roots grow deep.
To expand into higher levels of consciousness we must be physically grounded through our roots. 
What this challenge includes...

For 7 days you will receive in your inbox tools to support you in connecting deeply to Mother Earth.
The tools will not only connect you to Earth, they will support your healing and growth of mind-body-soul.

Experience the interconnectedness of all things. 
Each practice should take no more than 20 minutes of your day.

The practices and tools, Jessica has cultivated throughout her life while living in major cities.
Therefore each practice will offer a way for connecting to nature whether you live in a forest, on a beach, or in a  major city. 

You will also gain access to a closed Facebook group to create community.

I invite you to join this FREE challenge
that will inspire you over the course of 7 days,
with tools for connecting more deeply to nature.
Nourishing your body-mind-soul. 
This challenge is designed for EVERYBODY and,

will include tools for even those individuals who live in busy cities with little nature

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