The Art of Speaking Your Truth

Here's your chance to get into the mastery class that will show you how to harness the power that lies in your voice, your message, and your truth.

Have you struggled for so long, just to express your truth?

Do you encounter a feeling of resistance whenever it comes to speaking what's on your heart?

Are you challenged by the idea of putting yourself out there to be truly seen for you who are and all the special gifts you possess? 

...well this is for YOU!

What you're about to discover will
completely change your life...FOREVER!

8-week personal mastery course begins 10/10

Week 1 - Reconnecting the Channels of Communication Within. 

Do you remember when your truth was first silenced? When did you learn that it wasn't safe to speak your truth? To share vulnerably what was on your mind, emotions, heart? This week we begin where you all began, with the first people you communicated in this world with, your parents. Using mirror work and timeline integrations you will heal the mother/father imprints around the expression of your truth. Awakening the pure INNOCENCE of your voice. 

week 2 - Integrating the CORE reasons for not speaking your truth.

When you strip away everything, all of your layers and get to the core of WHY it can be so challenging to express yourself, you will find FEAR, ABANDONMENT, and stories of UNWORTHINESS. This week you will explore these energies, how they create your reality and have cultivated advanced personality traits that hold you back from the truth of who you are.
This week sets us up to integrate these two core wounds in the following two weeks. 

week 3 - You Are Worthy!

This week you will heal and integrate the ROOT causes of unworthiness. Unless you get to the core, the root cause of your unworthiness and integrate this aspect of yourself these stories of unworthiness will continue to haunt you, showing up in your inability to express your message and speak your truth with an open heart. You will be lovingly guided into the root causes, stories, moments in time where unworthiness was imprinted into your hologram. Through this clarity, you will heal and integrate this aspect of self to create a new story, a story of inherent worth, value, purpose.

week 4 - live beyond fear and resistance.

You know that feeling in your body, in your throat that feels like something is strangling you, literally stopping your body from speaking your truth? Yup, that's FEAR. That fear once served you, keeping you safe as a child. Now, that fear holds you back from standing in your POWER, your TRUTH, sharing your heart and message with the world. This week you will cultivate the STRENGTH within to speak your truth and will learn how to move through resistance in the body and throat when it arises. 

on-going practices throughout the course

  • Practice speaking your truth and delivering your message to a group of people, in the safety of our private, online Facebook group. Learn how to communicate your message LIVE with ease and grace.
  • Develop the skill of recognizing where in your body, your energy system (chakras) you are being blocked so that you can shift this energy instantly.
  • Learn tools for authentic communication and techniques for moving through resistance and fear of speaking your truth. 
  • Grow more deeply in love with your pure heart as you remove the layers of delusion that have held you back from being and expressing your true soul-self. 
  • Remember who you are before the wounding, before the fear, before the stories. Return to your pure, innocence soul-self, and be supported as you step into your truth. 

week 5 - embodied listening and peaceful communication.

One very important aspect of cultivating your message and speaking your truth is knowing how to communicate consciously, intentionally, and peacefully. Develop the skill of holding space for the other, so that they may hold space for your message. This week you will practice and learn the ways of Embodied Listening, an art form of expression that comes from the ability to listen with your whole being. Deepen your ability to communicate your truth through fully being able to hold space for the truth of the other. You will learn how to shift being triggered, conflict, resistance, and fear so that you can fully show up to listen and hold peaceful communications with others. If you cannot listen with your whole being, if you're constantly thinking about what you are going to say next in a conversation, you will never be able to ​express your truth. Speaking clearly involves listening deeply. 

week 6 - trust your truth.

Your truth is creative life force energy. It can often be experienced as nervousness, anxiety, jitters in the body, it can leave you feeling chaotic, like you can't think or speak straight. This energy often shuts people down from sharing because they have not learned the gift of what this energy is. It is your CREATIVE, soul-expression. It is RAW, primal, wild, FREE, it swirls through you like a hurricane. It is not to be resisted, it is not to shut you down from an expression, it is to be HARNESSED. You will learn how to harness this creative energy within you, transforming anxiety, fear of speaking, into power, strength, creation! You will remember how to trust your truth, your message, and the guidance of your heart. 

week 7 - Your sacred sound

There is an even deeper part of your message, of your truth that is not always addressed when you think about speaking, it's how your spirit is moving through you. It is your tone, your sacred sound. When we are born we all released a sound, a tone, a frequency, this was and is your sacred sound. As you navigate life and experienced moments that silenced your vulnerable heart from speaking, this tone was masked, layers upon layers of emotional suppression began to cover up the pure frequency of your spirit. In this week you will reawaken your sacred sound, the natural tone of your spirit. You will remember the gift of your vocal frequency, you will hear your sacred sound and remember who you are as a spiritual being with a sacred message to share with the world through your life. Hearing your sacred sound once again, remembering how the spirit moves through you is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself.
This week is to be approached with reverence and devotion.

week 8 - express your soul - you are the message.

No more hiding the truth of who you are. In this final week of the course you will be able to speak your truth to anyone, anytime and when you feel resistance you will know exactly what to do to move through it in an instant. You will learn the power of transforming your mess into your message, to stand in your truth in all scenarios. 

This is for those who...

  • Know you have a message to share with the world. 
  • Struggle to get your point across. 
  • Keep getting the nudge from your soul to go LIVE, to speak your truth and spread your wisdom, and fear holds you back. 
  • Feel uncomfortable in your body when speaking your truth. 
  • Feel blocks in your throat, a resistance that silences you. 
  • Want to be able to vulnerably express what's on your heart to anyone, clients, lovers, co-workers, random strangers on the street.

This is NOT for you if you...

  • Are wanting a quick fix without being willing to do the work internally that you will be guided to do in this course. 
  • Are looking for a template, a detailed outline of the correct formula for curating your message. 
  • Are wanting a one-size-fits-all model. 
  • Are unwilling to stop blaming others and take responsibility for your life.
  • Want a Toastmasters style, non-emotional, logical way of speaking. 
What's Included?
Everything Above AND...
  • 8 weeks of guided facilitation through the process of reclaiming your authentic truth, confidence and personal power.
  •  You receive FOREVER access to all video recordings.
  • Access to a private, secret Facebook group where you will get the chance to PRACTICE expressing your truth in a safe, sacred space with other beings on a similar path. 
  • Special discount offerings for when you need a little one-on-one support throughout the course. 
  • Guided meditation audios to take you deeper into your integration of your Soul, your Truth.
Gabriel Laracuente
Marina Wedge
"Hello 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇! I am just so thankful for this connection whenever I really stop to feel and think about how we are all expanding together and have Jessica Jones guidance and what vibrations we are everything I I literally laugh out loud do a little skip or shed some tears. Absolutely freaking Incredible."
"The weeks we spent together were one of the most empowering experiences I’ve ever had on a spiritual and collective level! This program has assisted me on several levels. The most important lesson I took away from this experience is the fact that although I am a leader, with gifts and abilities like the beautiful people within this group, the quality of my work also depends on my own personal development. Growth is an everlasting process." 
Meet Your Facilitator & Guide 
I am, Ahaumna AhMaYah, previously known as Jessica Jones. I have cultivated the art of delivering my message and finding the truth beyond the layers of ego and personality. My transformation into Ahaumna, brought me on an epic path of discovering who I am, facing many challenges to fully express my truth that brought me to these tools and practices shared in this course. 
With over 200,000 views on my Live FB and YouTube videos and 16,000 friends/followers, I not only teach these practices, I embody them myself to deliver my message not only to a virtual audience, in my everyday life to my loved ones, family and friends. 

I am SOUL excited about this course because I can't wait to experience a world where everyone feels safe to let their truth, light, brilliant genius shine. 

Let's just all be who we truly are.



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