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The LET's group is for those who are ready to fully commit to thriving on every level of their being.
Who understand that in order to THRIVE, they must SHOW UP for themselves fully.

Maybe you resonant with KNOWING that to really PROGRESS along your path of spiritual attainment, soul embodiment, and conscious creatorship, requires you to develop a disciplined daily practice. You find yourself struggling to really commit, to find the willpower to show up consistently in the way that you KNOW is in your highest and best. 

I was you a few years ago.
I knew that everything I wanted to achieve in my life required a level of presence, focus, discipline, and connection to spirit that
could only be attained through consistency and practice.
At the time I had innumerable limiting beliefs that said, I wasn't worthy,
so I didn't show up regularly and as a result, I continued to not see my life transform in the way I was hoping.

I kept praying and asking for guidance, trying every manifestation tool in the books. 
Nothing worked. 
Because there was a missing piece that I wasn't aware of at the time. 

Sure, I meditated, practiced yoga, ate well, sent out emails to my list, posted content,
all of the things that are apparently going to bring results.
Or at least I thought...
Until I realize there was a major block I wasn't allowing myself to see.
I would do all of those things consistently for a few days, sometimes weeks before I would stop. 

The yo-yo cycle.
Putting yourself out there for short periods of time before retreating and feeling like a failure.
No matter what I tried that story of unworthiness kept growing. 

I began to study Natural Law, some like to call these Universal Laws and came across a law that said, 
that which you FULLY COMMIT to bares the seeds of good fortune,
that which you are HALF-HEARTEDLY invested in bears the seeds of misfortune. 

It hit me right then and there, I wasn't unworthy!
I was simply half-heartedly showing up for my entire life.
I wasn't fully committed to truly living, and as a result, I was slowly dying on the inside without seeing any shifts in my life.

This was one of those life-altering, choice points. 
I was sitting on the edge of a cliff in Northern California in deep contemplation when it hit me,
I needed to either commit to fully living or to fully dying because this in-between space was filled with misfortune. 

I won't lie to you and say it was an easy decision. 
I debated all of the possibilities of committing to both options. 
Ultimately, I knew deep within...
 I am here for a purpose and a big piece of that purpose is learning through trial and error,
figuring out what works and then sharing it with others. 

I decided to commit to fully living and to give the application of this Universal Law a fair shot.
I joined a group program that met every single day for three months.
As someone who never fully committed to anything  I realized I needed support.  

When the program ended, my practice continued and it hasn't stopped since.
What has stopped was the yo-yo cycles of misfortune in all areas of my life. 

I realized there was something truly POWERFUL in fully committing to myself in this way,
allowing me to take rapid quantum leaps into the life I live today. 

 I was blasted wide open.
Leaders Evolve Together was born. 

The next LET's group will be
January 22, 2018  -  February 12, 2018
Spaces are limited and these groups do fill up. 
Applications to join the next group are being accepted now. 

Click here to fill out an application to be considered to join the next LET's group.

the experience

  • 22 days of guided live daily practices and time for Q&A.
  • 7 days a week of support!
  • 2 - live 2-hour playshops on embodied leadership, expanding your consciousness. 
  •  Emails with inspiration and teachings to expand upon in your everyday life. 
  • Access to the private Facebook group, to support each other.
  • Recordings of EVERY practice and workshop, in case you are unable to join live. 
  • Access to ALL future video workshops for LET's Program through private Facebook group! 

Energetic Investment 
Option 1 - $333 for everything included above 
Option 2 - $407 includes a private one on one 60 min session. (A $222 dollar value)

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Love notes from previous LET's groups...

Jodi O.

Christine E.

Marina W.

"This Just did today's practice and it was amazingland!! The luminescent golden energy that pulsed through me was activatingly bright and near the ended of the practice produced waves of undulating in my body!! I was having a hard time not craving more! 😉 How wonderful! Love you all and may this time remind us of the infinite nature of the Universe and of our vast potential! As above, so below! 💛🌟🦁✨💫"

"Hello Beautiful Soul's! I want to say thank you for your presence and sharing today and each day. The growth experienced is palpable. I tried to speak a couple times and had technical difficulties apparently. Know that my presence was there and my love. I am so grateful, thank you all.❤️❤️❤️" "
"Hello 😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇!
I am just so thankful for this connection whenever I really stop to feel and think about how we are all expanding together and have Jessica Jones guidance and what vibrations we are everything I I literally laugh out loud do a little skip or shed some tears. Absolutely freaking Incredible."

Maria H.

Hendrik R.

"Beloved dream team!! What a magical practice yesterday! I did it this morning and had such immediate release. Thank you thank you thank you Jessica 🙏 When releasing my hands down I felt such a rush of wonderful joy, cried and had a very interesting whaling sound come out which felt like it came from my lower chakras. Very powerful!! So very greatful for all of you and your shining light and support. This means more to this soul than I can express."
I just wanted to say "Hi" into this wonderful group. I know I am here to learn to express myself. But I feel like a beginner. I could use my current travelling as an excuse...Jessica just pushed all the right buttons already in the first session, so I am already processing a lot these days without you even seeing me. Thank you for this opportunity. I cannot help but grow. 

LET's program provides the type of committed energy to take quantum leaps in one's life.

Now in its THIRD session in one year!

 I've witnessed first hand the power of this group and the committed container that is created.

I've experienced the magic that happens when an agreement is made not only for the individual who joins the group and commits to a daily practice, for myself as a facilitator and the commitment I make to show up for a group of people every single day.

There are not a lot of facilitators out there who hold this type of space. 
In fact, several teachers and facilitators join these groups and have said they have no idea how I have shown up and held space in the way that I do every single day as they wouldn't be able to do it. 

For me, it's easy. 
 I have lived and experienced the power of commitment and I get to see it move through this group in such profound ways.

To witness transformations, deep healing, activations, and souls come online in the body for the first time. 


"Gotta do a shout out to wonderful Jessica Jones, you are amazing at explaining things in a way in which they immediately sink in!!! So many more missing pieces of the puzzle were put in to place in today's session. And these are pieces I didn't even know were missing! This puzzle isn't going to look anything like the picture on the front of the box 😜 Soul much joy in this body right now." Maria H.

"The weeks we spent together were one of the most empowering experiences I’ve ever had on a spiritual and collective level! This program has assisted me on several levels. My understanding and interest in acupressure, acupuncture, herbs, and various ways to utilize Qigong have expanded greatly. I was introduced to concepts I understood little of and was shown how to put them into practice (Merkabah) with some fascinating results. I had my first experience meeting and working with people involved in Intuitive work on a very interactive level, which turned out to be beautiful beyond words! But the most important lesson I took away from this experience is the fact that although I am a leader, with gifts and abilities like the beautiful people within this group, the quality of my work also depends on my own personal development. Growth is an everlasting process." 
Gabriel N. Laracuente

The Next group Begins January 22, 2018!
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