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If you're looking for a dynamic presence to bring something special to your next event, workshop or retreat, Jessica is a natural when it comes to delivering clear and concise messages, and empowered teachings that come directly from her connection to universal love wisdom.

 Whether you want to enhance your next retreat with specialized workshops, or are looking for someone to come in and deliver powerful inspiration, motivation and spiritual insight, Jessica taps into the unique energy blueprint of the audience to speak directly to their collective heart and soul.

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"The highest of distinctions 
is service to others."
King George IV
  1. Sat & Sun 9/29-9/30
    What are you harvesting this fall? Join Ahaumna here to receive the weekend challenge to enter into fall more conscious and aware.
  2. October 10, 2018
    Online 8-week personal mastery course begins.
  3. Tuesday 10/2/18
    Free online webinar moving through the three core reasons we hold ourselves back. With this awareness we can integrate and move through these fears.
  4. SATURDAY: 10/20/18
    Los Angeles event.


Global citizens out exploring the world.

Peace of Nature Retreat
Montana, fall 2017
Unwravelling the programs that keep us stuck in egoic states. Breaking down our barries to allow the light of the soul to shine through. 
Sacred Jounrey 
Egypt, summer 2017

A journey to unlock the codes of our ancestors.To reawaken love as the divine transmission of the temples. 
Shenomads Health & Wellness Retreat
Mexico City, 2017

January 2018

We embarked on a twelve-day trek through the sacred lands of Peru. Connecting to the deep wisdom of Mother Earth, and the ancients. 
A yoga & meditation retreat for digital nomadic women entrepreneurs to integrate health & wellness into their high stress, fast-paced lives. 



"So much value, but what I valued the most was the journeys that allowed me to see so clearly who I really am! Seeing my soul/essence so clearly was so transformative. I can easily separate my ego from my true nature."
Christopher McAlpin  - Soul Embodiment Retreat

"I valued the different perspective of every human being that was there. Being able to be free of thought and judgment and to be open to the possibilities of the wisdom and knowledge I got to gain. Made me see the beauty of my artwork with photography and having the talent that God gave me. Believing in my self even more. Knowing that it will take one day at a time. Taking that time and making it into a value of hope and imagination through the mind, body, and soul. Knowing that anything is possible. Believe that I can achieve to the highest of every obstacle that comes my way. God will never give me anything I cannot handle."
Marcia Parker  - Soul Embodiment Retreat​

Brittany Sinkler Shares Her Retreat Experience...

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"This retreat has REMINDED me of WHO I AM and WHAT I was put here on Gaia to bring forward and give light too. It has brought me back to a path I have tiptoed on and around here and there for the past few years but never fully committed to. Since the retreat, I have stayed meat/alcohol/tobacco free... all pieces of which I would dabble in here and there but felt in my soul I needed to remove from my life entirely for good, which now I have. Between this and another class, I attended just weeks prior, the message became clear I was to drop all these bad habits for good.  I feel it is my responsibility to myself and in service to others to be the best version of me to hold the MOST light and keep my energy clear and bright! I feel great and am committed to being the best healthiest version of myself moving forward. There is so much knowledge, light, love, wisdom, and truth that I received from Jessica during this retreat that is now encoded into my beings and daily habits. Thank you thank you, you are so inspirational and have brought me back to the light/soul inside myself that I've known is there all along. I can now share and give so much more to all others as I continue to embody my true self, divine nature, and sunny love filled soul!!  Wahe Guru Wahe Guru Wahe Jio! "  Megan Devi - Soul Embodiment Retreat​​