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Remember WHY you are here
One of the greatest pain points within the human species is a lack of purpose.
 It doesn't matter what your life looks like, you could be the most materially successful person on the planet, and not be happy.  You could live in a third world country with very little material success and be the happiest person.
I've come to know these people throughout my life travels.
 Leading me to deeply question the meaning of a happy life?

 A happy life is a purpose driven life. 

When people are disconnected from the greater purpose of their life, a deep meaning for why they are here,
no matter what success is reached there will always be something missing. 
The paradox is that it's not really missing. It is within you always.

The question remains, have you remembered why you are here? 

When we sign up to be human again, we sign up to breathe in the programs of the Earth, one of those programs is that of forgetting. The moment we arrive in human form we forget where we come from. We forget our divinity.
 We forget that we know everything. This isn't bad or wrong, otherwise, none of us would have chosen this.

It is our choice to forget, it is through forgetting that we learn how to remember.
The key is, our soul knew we would forget. Forget WHY we came to this Earth. 
Our soul truly wants us to thrive, it did not leave us emptyhanded. 

The overarching consciousness of our being, created a map,
a blueprint for us to decode and remember why we are here. 

This blueprint is encoded into the stars that surround us and is programmed into the very core of our being, our genetics, our DNA, is our code. Then, all of the souls came together and certain souls were programmed to remember how to read these blueprints. How to decode the mystery of the stars and cells, so that this wisdom could be shared, and together with our union we could remember why we are here. 

Through the infinite wisdom of your Destiny Map, we uncover the truth of who you are, why you are here and the perfect alignment that you THRIVE in.


What is Destiny Mapping?

There is a divine blueprint for your life that is written within and all around you.
Destiny mapping is an in-depth look at that blueprint. 

We dive deeply into uncovering the purpose for your life through translating your:
Human Design Bodygraph
Gene Keys Activation Sequence
& Astrological Charts (both Tropical & Sidereal)

It is extremely RARE to find all three of these teachings together in ONE reading! 
I have come to find that integrating all three together gives us the WHOLE PICTURE.

You are invited to share what you wish to focus on in the reading. That said, the reading holds an emphasis on your career path, and direction you are here to move your energy in this life. What you are here to build and create, why you signed up for this and how to stay in alignment with what you came here to do.

 2-hour, one on one session. Online or in-person (when available)
A 30-page detailed analysis of your charts, your Destiny Map.
Email support following session.
Video recording of the session.

*This package takes about 3 hours + of preparatory work before the session,

for curation and analysis of your star and genetic maps.

These sessions provide an opportunity to clarify the direction one is moving in their life.
To provide a clear map to access one's soul essence self and the PURPOSE of your life. 

destiny map

It is for YOU. 
The individual being who is ready for greater clarity, direction, and purpose in your life. 

Individual Destiny Mapping Session
$555 USD 

Payment Plans Now Available!

Three options for payment 
Option 1 - Pay In Full 
Option 2 - 5 Week payment $111 / wk
Option 3 - 2-Month payment $278 / month

When you use the link to schedule your session you will select what payment option you prefer upon scheduling. 

Couples Destiny Map

Couples Destiny Mapping takes the combined charts of you and your beloved to give you a comprehensive, energetic blueprint for how you and your partner energetically work together. 

Through Couples Destiny Mapping you will see where your strengths are, weaknesses, karma to heal, and the greater purpose for your union. 

You will receive tools and practices for how to live in harmony with two sovereign beings who deeply understand and appreciate the unique energy of each other. 

Couples Destiny Mapping includes a second follow up call one month after the original session to see how the application of the practices and guidance given in the session has been. After all being in a relationship is a constant practice. 

If you are ready to truly know your partner and to lift them up to their highest and best through you being your best self then this is for you. 

Energetic Investment 
*Paid in full special, see payment options below.

The investment reflects the depth of looking at both you and your partner's charts individually and the combined charts of you together. It also includes the follow-up call.

Investment Options Now Available. 
Option 1 - Pay in Full Special $707
Option 2 - 7-week payment plan of $111 / week 
Option 3 - 2-month payment of $387 / month
I'm Ready to Deepen My Relationship!

Use the link above to schedule.
You will select payment option upon scheduling.


"I’ve been following Jess for a while now and first came across her divinely on Facebook over one of her live-streams that caught my attention with her incredible visionary message activating cosmic consciousness. Even then - years ago at this point - Jessica was a major inspiration for me in becoming more aware and awake on my path, and for that, I am truly grateful. So naturally, as soon as I tuned into her Destiny Mapping offering I knew I had to experience her unique transmission first hand. 

I was completely BLOWN AWAY by the experience, hands down - it was a marathon download indeed and a transmission that keeps on giving, literally..the information Jessica shared and transmitted with me so eloquently is something I will continue to reference for the foreseeable future and on and on. 

Our session alone was over 2 hours and entails the most comprehensive reading I’ve ever received - and not only that, the reading fused all of my astrology, human design and gene keys in such a beautiful way allowing me to FINALLY understand these systems in incredible depth and with a newly inspired sensibility. I've had readings in all of the aforementioned systems before but I’ve NEVER received such clear guidance as to how all of them holistically integrate into my very own comprehensive map for aligning to my souls highest expression. 

I could go on and on forever but one of my favorite things about working with Jessica is her intuitive flow that allows her to tap into the deeper insights available within these systems of ancient wisdom - she clearly has a unique and powerful gift of seeing the specific facets of detail that are most important for you to understand at a particular time in your life to support you the most with better understanding yourself and the challenges you’re potentially facing - plus how to transcend them. 

Overall the Destiny Mapping session was absolutely invaluable in the sheer energetic healing that I received, the intuitive guidance I was so strongly supported by and the priceless insights I’ll continue to return to again and again whenever I’m curious about seeing myself and my circumstances and challenges with added clarity and empowerment on how to navigate. 

Thank you, Jessica, for sharing your heart and beautiful soul gifts with me and the world, you are a total star. I highly recommend a Destiny Mapping session with Jessica if you’re eager to better understand your unique gifts, your shadows to transcend, your soul growth trajectory, how you can activate your super-powers and how you can best support yourself in embodying you highest alignment. "
Sydney Campos 
Author, Speaker, Coach
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