Expand Consciousness.

for guidance, mentorship, SPIRITUAL growth, healing and 
CONSCIOUSNESS, Loves Mission was born to serve. A space for the practical application of universal principles and love wisdom to re-awaken the spirit, as we collectively remember the meaning of life. I not only believe in our infinite nature, and oneness with Spirit, I strive to embody this unity and grace in my everyday life. Loves Mission is devoted to simplifying the mystical to illuminate the way; and to proactively facilitate the removal of fear-based illusions, outdated beliefs, and collective programming that has hindered our evolution.
May I Introduce myself?


A world without Fear

You are here to Create a global consciousness founded on love.
Love is NOT something you fall into.
It is NOT the mushy, romantic, lovey-dovey feeling that you might be thinking it is. 

LOVE is a FORCE, a POWER to be reckoned with.
It is an ENERGY for change. 
Love is the full awakening of CONSCIOUSNESS within. 

Love is the TRUTH. 
LOVE is Raw, Primal, Ancient, Intelligence. 
Love is a FREQUENCY, a Vibration that you Live in. 
LOVE is the only thing that can set you FREE. 

It requires no partner or spouse, or friend.
Nothing outside of yourself can bring you, Love
LOVE is a state of BEING.

Living through Love is a CHOICE. 
Are you choosing LOVE?

YES! I Choose LOVE!

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